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Hot. That’s how I feel 24/7. So I hide where the aircond is at. Dry. That’s how my skin feels 24/7. So I smother it with heaps of moisturiser; pat them in, wishing more penetrates deeper. Two hours later – Oily.

Welcome to my life in the tropical world.

It’s time for someone to come up with a solution not just for Asian skin, but for Asian women living in TROPICAL countries. And who would have thought that good ol’ Olay is the brilliant brand to come save the day!

I was invited to be part of an exclusive beauty media and influencers group to join the launch of Olay’s latest anti-aging innovation and boy, was I impressed AF.

From this post I hope you discover a new product that is relevant, effective and affordable while taking a peep into this cosy, intimate event I enjoyed so much.

12 highlights during a luxurious staycation with Olay:

Olay Regenerist Singapore

{This sweet welcome with macarons, chocolates and an award-winning skincare gift}

St Regis Singapore

{Enjoying a royal 5-star St. Regis room all to myself}

St Regis Singapore

{The bubble bath provided by this irresistible tub, making it one of the few best soaks I ever had}

White Garden Theme Outfit Idea

{This 30s-inspired garden chic outfit I put together for the occasion}

Nosh Singapore

{Me all put-together within 20 minutes and actually being at the event}

Olay Regenerist Singapore

{This red-in-love shot I took of my current favorite beauty products}

Olay Regenerist Singapore

{Learning that Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence is finally available in Malaysia by mid-November this year!}

Beauty Tip:

By using the pre-essence with Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, you create a ‘miracle duo‘. This combination boosts renewal of cells miraculously! I highly recommend getting the pair together.

Nosh Singapore

{The fact that the event was more like a quiet escape within lush greeneries at Nosh @ Rochester Park}

Olay Regenerist Singapore

{This dream Cinderella makeup box that we each beought home after a beauty workshop}

Olay Regenerist Singapore

{Meeting Roseanne Tang, Singapore’s top YouTuber and professional makeup artist, who shared her personal skincare tips and tricks on how to reinvigorate our exisiting skincare regimen with the Olay Regenerist range}

Olay Regenerist Singapore

{Realising moments later that my jaw dropped watching the introduction to the science of Olay by Maggie Lee}

Nosh Singapore

{Having dinner in a tranquil ambience at The Country Kitchen @ Noshery}

More pictures of the event:

Olay Regenerist SingaporeOlay Regenerist SingaporeOlay Regenerist SingaporeOlay Regenerist Singapore

What I love about The Olay Regenerist range:

The ‘miracle duo’ leaves no sticky feeling as it is designed to effectively penetrate into the skin. Its lightweight texture makes it suitable for ladies living in countries with humid weather all year long.

As I am almost turning 30, it’s time to renew my skincare promise. To maintain stunning, youthful skin, you should seriously consider it too!

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