Monthly Archives: June 2016

Prague In One Day

These one-day travel series are getting more and more exciting. Not only do they cover most of the important places, they also allow time for indulgence at places that are definitely worthwhile. With so much to see, I was surprised as to how I even found time to sneak in two coffee sessions before dinner. In this single post, we will be exploring 20 different places that unite to answer this […]

Every girl has wondered at least once in her lifetime on how to achieve the smokey eyes look without ending up looking like a panda. Though I have a faster way of doing it, to create the ideal look is to perform each step with patience. In this post, I’m gonna take you through 10 CLEAR simplified steps to achieve the perfect, clean, sleek and sexc pair of smokey eyes. Let’s get […]

While Malaysia provides many public holidays, it is not always that we get to make the most out of every single one of them. Sometimes I find myself wasting one whole day just wondering what to do! However, spending an evening at Jonker Walk with some friends makes a fitting idea for a short one-day trip when you feel bored of the KL scene yet have little budget to splurge overnight. […]

Sexy Neutrals

Introducing one helluva sexc neutral look to try right now! Here’s how to mix pieces in earthy tones to achieve a luxe polished look. The base: Pair an army green top (cropped or off-shoulder) with a khaki hue pencil skirt. Layer: A few gold necklaces in different lengths across the chest. Complete the look: Grab a gold clutch ala Sarah Jessica Parker and slip into a pair of comfy nude sandals that makes one wanna […]

Vienna In One Day

If one can do Paris in one day, one can definitely do Vienna (Wien) in 24 hours too. No rush, just chill – proven by travel agencies and yours truly; after giving it a go at experiencing it myself. The best way to truly see, feel and taste the real Wien is by walking. All main attractions in this imperial city are easily reachable by foot in a breeze around […]

A couple days ago, my dad solemnly said something that broke my heart. I learned that he thought my brother and I both love our other halves more than our parents, but that it’s okay because it’s just the way things work – Parents bring their children up, children become adults, spread their wings to fly and build their own new family. It was hard to listen but helplessly I did. […]

16 / 6 / 16 I just made the BIGGEST decision of my life: To tick off the #1 item that tops my bucket list! It made me so nervous, more nervous than I was on my ROM day I felt like I was about to faint. I finally freed an old dream that I’ve been growing since 4 years ago; mummified under layers of insecurities, doubts and fear. The […]