Monthly Archives: April 2016

Five Cinspirations

Here are 5 simple Cinspirations that gave my crazy week more reasons to smile. 1. These fresh lilies {because they add beauty, scent and grace to our living space} 2. These mason jars {because I finally got the ORIGINAL Ball® mason jars that I’ve been searching for so long!!!} 3. This cute toothbrush holder {because I found this solution at Daiso for preventing my toothbrush from having black stains (anyone […]


{Too cool for skool? Maybe, but just the kinda cool you need for uni!} In my white tee and favorite blue jeans, I was on my way to UNITEN’s open day. Upon receiving the invitation, I was pretty excited since the last time I graduated was in 2007. After a decade of working, how does it feel to be like a student again? I really do miss that once in a […]

I lived a bride’s nightmare wide awake and alive, when the ROM (Registration Of Marriage) dress I ordered online didn’t arrive on the date they promised it would. Just imagine a bride without her dress. That’s me . . . {Image source: ASOS} It was my first time shopping at ASOS when I purchased this handsome piece above. It clearly said in all its communication that I will be expecting […]

Travel in Style

Somehow I’ve always had a strong attraction towards real gemstones. There’s something alluring and mystical about ‘em that leave me mesmerized evermore. My curiosity brought me to read up more about the topic and soon I learned that natural gemstones actually take millions of years to form deep in the Earth; which explains why they are normally associated with sincerity and genuineness. Each gemstone made by Mother Nature is unique, […]


Straightforwardly, Kusadasi makes one feels like there are so many exciting places to conquer in a day. From ancient cities to cotton castle, this weekend read is packed with travel stories and back-to-back visuals; so sit back and kick off your shoes! To avoid this pretty long post from getting stale, I’ve highlighted some fun facts in bold.   1. The ancient city of Hierapolis Starting with the graveyard . . […]

Little White Dress

I got this LWD a few years back and I’m glad to say that it still doesn’t look it if I didn’t tell you so. I’ve worn this piece for a couple of special occasions like on my 27th birthday, this Cotton Castle trip extraordinaire, and am even considering it for my ROM if God forbid – the dress I ordered fails to arrive in time. With intricate 3D floral […]

Braided Ballerina Bun

The braided bun is a hairdo I’ve been wearing since way before Pinterest exists. It is a coiffure I’ve pretty much invented while twirling my tresses in oblivion one day. When I spotted this look on Gigi Hadid in a pin, I thought: Hey, it’s actually a thing and it’s supermodel-worthy!; which brings me to share this easy 4-step hair cinspiration with you. How to: Braided Ballerina Bun What you’ll need: 3 […]