Monthly Archives: March 2016

Moving In

I can take a month off from life, but a week of absence from my blog means something serious to me. Fortunately, I have a reason good enough to dissolve the guilt of being M.I.A, and it is good news too! The past week, É and I have been moving in to our new apartment. It is a central yet serene place we discovered together on foot while exploring new grounds […]

Loving Me: On Food

For years, my job at work is about whipping up creative campaigns for brands that aim to make a presence in the world of social media. On 19th March 2016, a sudden thought came to mind. While sipping juice at a bar, I thought I’d like to create a campaign for myself this year called, ‘Loving Me’. Living Healthy with A Happening Lifestyle ‘Loving Me’ is about making wiser decisions in […]

The Slip LBD

Slip dress is making a comeback and it feels like a fashion dream come true when it arrives in the form of a little black dress, revealing sexc back. This basic yet unique piece has been my favorite on current rotation. I love ornamenting the black beauty with minimalist accessories – paired with sandals or heels – depending on the occasion. ZARA slip LBD TOPSHOP sandals H&M glove bag, necklaces […]

Twisted Braid

One thing I hate waking up to is flat hair. Some days it just happen and there’s no stopping the disaster. One obvious resort is to tease the roots. However, that is rarely my go-to solution because teasing damages the cuticles of our hair. Enter: the Twisted Braid. Even easier than the usual braid, this look only uses 2 parts of hair instead of 3 to pleat. Start with 3 rubber […]

One of my 2016 resolutions is to add more diverse content within the 6 categories of my blog. Under ‘Food’, aside from recipes, I think it’d be a fun idea to include reviews of my favorite restaurants. Most of them come highly recommended by my parents (hardcore foodies who drive around the nation in search for the best [insert dish here] and trust me, they would settle for nothing less) […]

Five Cinspirations

Here are 5 sweet Cinspirations that made my week bright, not blue! 1. This great quote I found while flipping an old book yesterday {because it serves as a great reminder for a perfectionist like me that life can still be wonderful, even if it doesn’t always go my way} 2. This collage my fiancé made of me without my knowledge during our 5 hours stay in Singapore (O_O) {because […]

Let’s Go Ballooning

I get asked a lot as to where I find the money to travel. Firstly, you might not see it but I work hard and save wisely. Secondly, I think it is a matter of life priorities. Everyone can travel, but not everyone puts it as an actual life priority. I do. To me, our 20′s is the time to truly live. Instead of being tied down by a mortgage, for […]