Monthly Archives: January 2016

Five Cinspirations

Two long weekends make a right – except that I’ve been more absent online and more present in life. These 5 Cinspirations sum up some of my favorite delightful moments the past week but before that, there is ONE message I want to get out there that is: Be Extra Careful. É was Whatsapping his friend by the road side yesternight, when just like that – an indian guy on a motorbike […]

Before January says goodbye, I think it’d be smart to start planning my reading project for the new year. Currently I’m on Kindle tackling the first on my book list, written by a Portuguese writer who won a Nobel Prize in Literature – you can’t go wrong with something like that. Though I am more into classics, I always try to mix some contemporary materials and spice things up like […]

Five Cinspirations

Long weekends make the best gifts for anyone residing in Malaysia. Since we don’t have ‘summer holidays’, it is during these times when we fly with AirAsia to neighboring countries, take a road trip back to our hometown, catch up with friends at hipster coffee shops, or simply enjoy the comfort our own homes provide. Either ways, they are all lovely options. As for me, I had my break dressed […]

Phuket Paradise

Phuket is all sorts of paradises depending on the kind of paradise you’re looking for. For me, it is an island offering a paradise of scrumptious, scrumptious food, paradisiacal views and for others, perhaps ‘parties in paradise’; if say Patong is your cup of tea. For a family vacation, try the itinerary below; which I named “Phuket Paradise“, featuring 4 Must-See places all year long. 1. Promthep Cape For picturesque […]

Blue Elephant

There is a restaurant in Phuket that won a no.1 spot in my heart. I fell in love with a dish I never thought would surprise me and it’s called Massaman Lamb. It is, I believe, THE BEST MASSAMAN IN THE WORLD. That is a huge statement to make, so you can imagine how loved up I was, and still am. {Don’t you wish this was your living room? I certainly […]

Chasing Weekends

Today officially begins my new life. 17 days belonging to 2016 had passed and to be honest, I just let them. The reason why I couldn’t start anew as a whole, was due to the fact that I was fighting a very bad cold and at the same time, serving my notice as a full-timer at a digital agency. Now I will be working part-time; which means I have more time to build […]

Summer Kimono

A kimono worn in summer is actually called a yukata. A kimono consists of many layers (plus a pillow), thus it can make one feel stuffed when it’s hot outside. That’s when yukata is created for both men and women to wear during sunny days or at onsens. Nonetheless, the name ‘kimono’ remains – even for pieces of clothing that simply resemble a kimono. Inspired by the yukata concept, I layered a bright orange […]