Monthly Archives: September 2015

One of the most memorable ways to spend a weekend locally is by doing a road trip test drive. The experience is usually more exhilarating as you get to push a new vehicle; discovering its full potentials and enjoying its exciting drivability. A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege to join Honda City Bloggers Drive’s third family road trip to Penang, where I fell in love with Honda City. […]

Five Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that turned my week into a colorful storybook: 1. These pretty fans, dancing in the wind {for adding some life to mundane hazy dayz} 2. This fresh pedicure, painting my stubby toes clean white {because randomly, they have gold glitters on them for a festive touch} 3. This honest smile taken at a Chinese nasi kandar shop {because who says we all can’t be friends?} 4. This […]

Side Knot

Having done many local road trips in the country (and usually being the driver), I’ve learned to take note on a few key notes of what to wear / not to wear during a long drive. The main characteristic, be it clothes or shoes, is the word: comfort. That said, during a recent Honda City bloggers road trip, it was a no-brainer for me to opt for sporty and casual […]

Ankara Hittite Museum

Museums (outside of South East Asia, unfortunately) never fail to fascinate me. There is something about the aura of museums that makes me feel very much contained; that I belong to a treasure of old secrets and its air always smells of wisdom, just like in libraries. During my visit to Ankara’s Hittite Museum in Turkey, I discovered some interesting items from the Hittite period that caught my attention:  {Perhaps […]

One Missed Flight

Our first flight out that is supposed to kickstart our Burmese adventure, is scheduled at 6:55 a.m.. We rise like Superheroes at 6:15. That’s how our first international flight together begins. No one breaks their shins while scrambling out of bed. Naturally, the words “shit!” and “fuck!” loyally trail behind as we curse the idiots that we are. We set 4 alarms before bed, pushing their volumes to the max, […]

Five Cinspirations

Here are 5 delightful Cinspirations that brightened up an otherwise hazy week: 1. This ball of flower {because it is sunshine wrapped in paper, that makes a girl feels like she just returned from shopping at a chic flea market} 2. Lunch with a long lost friend, Humberto {because we successfully summarized our life of the last 3 years within an hour} 3. This most adorable mug {because it carries […]

If I Was Prime Minister

Daydreaming is fun, especially when it involves having a lot of money. Recently, my daydreams have been looking a lot like this: “If I was a prime minister with 2.6 billion, I would . . .” Send troops to: 1. Make the road in front of 1 Tech Park a two-way road instead of one. 2. Omit the purchasing of dato-ship. 3. Rebuild wet markets to European standards. 4. Stop any […]