The only travel tip I have for anyone who plans to pay Danau Toba a visit is to rent a motorbike and explore Samosir Island by two wheels. I was lucky to have an expert rider, Patrick, a dear ol’ high school friend from our golden times; when he used to pick me up for tuition classes or back from Saturday co-curricular activities.

I am Asian, so I totally understand the thing about the sun. After a 5 hour ride circling around, I got 3 shades darker and was horrified to find a fair patch on my neck, protected by my elaborated necklace. So if you takeaway my first tip, maybe take this second piece too: Bring along something to protect yourself from UV rays.

Our journey was made of a photo shoot ala American Next Top Model with a bull. Watching trees change species with every meter we rode higher. Listening to silent hills. Feeling the sun add shimmer to bronzing skin. Feeling toasty. Connecting with 100% nature. Slurping big fat instant noodles with a view so breathtaking you secretly wonder if this would be the last time you’re here. Waving to piglets that kept running away . . .

We spent almost nothing, but returned feeling a million dollar richer. A rainbow sunset awaited us by the shores of Lake Toba - a sweet note to end the day. Oh dreamers, was I at Samosir, or Capri Island?


Danau Toba Photo Diary 2015


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