Here are 5 Cinspirations that made past week packed with meaningful moments one would simply love to recreate over and over again . . .

1. This heart-stopping view


{because we found this serene place by chance, not by plan, and yet it is breathtakingly gorgeous}

2. This shot of us


{because it reminds me that no same memories can be recreated, so it’s important to embrace every second like its the last breath you take}

3. This sambal


{for teaching me that keeping your phone away whilst waiting for your food to arrive, can be a beautiful gap of time – because the people around you tell more real stories than your ‘news feed’}

4. This tapas


{because salmon and wasabi Oreo is just CRAZY! Imagine its taste from the sound of it}

5. This line of chillax-ed trees


{for making me believe for half a second that I could be in Florida}

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