Fixing my itinerary for Kyoto was almost as frenzied as actually touring it, especially when Typhoon Vongfong hit Japan, hence the connecting train we were bound to embark stopped operating.

The transfer via the bus was the most organized havoc I’ve ever seen in my life. Despite the extreme panic, the Japanese queued and waited patiently for their turn. I wondered how that would look like in Malaysia.

I remember how hard my heart pounded against the walls of my chest; how my mind swirled up a scene just like the film ‘Into The Storm‘, yet I was actually experiencing the real thing as our bus swayed across the highway when a huge gush of wind hit us. Lucky we managed to catch our bullet train in time, or 11600 Yen would have been burnt!

By the time we reached Kyoto, one full day was gone; leaving us with only the next 24 hours to tick off as many as we could off our list . . .


I’ve heard and read a lot about Arashiyama. It’s slightly further away from the main touristic spots, so we decided to skip figuring out the public transport and take a cab instead, as time is gold in our (modified) case.

Walking through the bamboo tunnel was an experience like no other. One can’t help feeling like living in an enchanting fairytale, as sleepy bamboo leaves whisper magic spells upon its bewitched visitors.


I would have rated the stroll 100% marks, if my bladder hadn’t been so full many times I thought I’d give in to the temptation of peeing behind the walls made of tall, rusty weeds you see in this picture above.

Despite my bursting bladder, my favorite favorite favorite (!) part of Kyoto was exploring the little town upon exiting the groves. I loved it so much I wouldn’t mind doing it again and again.


 {I dream of eating these}


With my favorite town comes my favorite meal in Japan, a restaurant we chanced upon by luck and it was F-*-C-K-I-N-G GOOD. I try to refrain from swearing in my blog but this is IT, man. The exact teoke yuba (tofu skin in wooden crock) restaurant you must look for if you’re there.


{Perfect meal, perfect scenery. 100%}


There are 2 ways to eat teoke yuba:

1) Dip the tofu skin in the dipping sauce before eating.

2) Pour the dipping sauce into the wooden crock, and eat the “tofu soup” with a spoon.

Either way, it’s mind-bogglingly delicious!


No matter how hectic your Kyoto schedule is, please don’t leave out Arashiyama because there’s too much to lose. Words alone can’t explain how much I’m in love with this gem of a place. Can’t wait to come back!


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