Monthly Archives: October 2014

Halloween Party Ideas

As I am not a fan of anything horror-related, Halloween has never been my favorite celebration of the year. But this coincidental little celebration in Cambodia really rocked and turned things around for me . . . I stayed at a cosy guesthouse named Rosy, a little accommodation place run by an Australian couple (if I’m not mistaken). As they have kids, the whole place was decorated in such a friendly […]

Out in the Nude

After playing Little Red Riding Hood in the Bavarian woods last winter, this time I decided to wear nothing but neutral tones from top to toe in the forest of Japan this autumn. With a country so clean and weather so beautiful, any outfit is made wearable; including shoes! When look closely, this plain assemble has much to offer - a glossy top fabricated from cotton and silk , drawn together with a pair […]

5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that make my week brighter ever since I returned from Japan. 1. These specialty food {because now I can easily remake them at home after having tasted the ‘real thing’} 2. This Tokyo Banana charm {because it arrived unexpected when I un-boxed the caramel flavored ones} 3. These best beauty buys (and curious Tarzan licking around) {because these babies can last me for a very, very, long […]

It seems my wild and wacky experiments to get beautifully straight hair caught so much attention it reached Sunsilk’s - I was invited to their Sunsilk Perfect Straight Hair media launch event to discover the solution I’ve been searching for so long! Ideally we’d like to have different hairstyles from Monday to Sunday but in the real world, who has the time to do their hair every day? Imagine how great it’d be […]

Toulouse Travel Guide

After ambitiously unearthing Paris in 1 day, it’s time to unwind and experience the true meaning of la vie en rose at a cozy city in France named Toulouse. {A fitting bed that made my stay even better at an urban, minimalistic-ally designed hotel}  {Immediately changed out from my Parisian sailor dress to a flirty bohemian outfit to fit in the blushing Toulouse-an mood}  {A very ‘green’ bathroom designed with a shower floor that slants ever so […]

Coq Au Vin

I’ve tried cooking a few versions of this classic dish (one with a more Spanish attitude here), but this recipe by Avec Eric is by far the tastiest. Using the freshest ingredients I can find, stewed with half a bottle of red wine (saved the remaining for two to enjoy the final product of this rustic meal), an ordinary day turned out to become celebratory. Imagine golden brown chicken cooked […]

Sacred Coeur

Though I have to admit that one of the so-called ‘first world pains’ in a woman’s life is to wear a body hugging dress, I did it anyway for the sake of Paris and sailor stripes. With a coat of bold red lipstick to follow and some CoCo attitude, we hit Paris hard. This shot taught me one thing – you know how sometimes (especially when you grow older) you think […]