Monthly Archives: June 2014

HK: Madame Tussauds

After a rather unkind day, my cousin and I decided to stay indoors for a more benign treatment that evening. Goofing around our favorite celebrities in the wax museum did ameliorate the situation. Here are some fun pictures we took at Madame Tussauds: {Can you guess whose face she is making?} {On the way to the ‘red carpet’} {Incomparable} {Please, adopt me?} {My Game of Thrones} {Please don’t go . […]

HK: Wong Tai Sin

All geared up in my metallic flower swirls, I was ready to paint Hong Kong pink with my power puff, except that . . . I sprained my foot and ended up spending half a day at a pallid acupuncture clinic bustling with male and female nurses both so rude I would believe I was in the time of war. I was treated like a nonentity and being jeered at every time […]

Forward Weekend

If anyone were to ask me when was the happiest time of my life, without doubt I would answer: year 2007. Not only was it the happiest time; I am confident that I was also the happiest girl on the planet. My heart was young and free; as light as a feather floating in the midst of rainbows every minute of every day. I was surrounded by a group; a ‘tribe’ of […]

Metallic Flower Swirls

This look is styled with the fondest memories in mind, fabricated with different textures and layers of stories from around the world in forms of gifts and treasures I once sought.  Allow me to enumerate slightly on what I love about it: the dainty, delicate accessories sparkling at every possible corner, the versatile cropped top revealing just the right amount of sexy around my midriff, those oh-so-comfortable faithful pair of […]

There ain’t much to say about our first evening spent in rainy Hong Kong. Even pictures can’t do their old trick to speak a 1000 words. After our misty adventure; failing to meet Tian Tan Buddha, my cherub cousin, Torng, and I punctured ourselves and ended up laying flat like 3 day old balloons on our petite but cosy hotel beds. We finally switched on the TV for some TVB […]

At The Map of My Mind

Some of you must have wondered how I live my everyday life. How can I be sure of that? Quite a number of Cinners have asked throughout the years reading my blog. I find that very tough to answer truthfully and here’s why. It begins like this: I recently came to a conclusion that anything can be interesting when you choose to dig deeper. What you find ‘down there’, you might not like so […]

HK: Tian Tan Buddha

Everyone has their own ‘favorite moment’ of their travels, and I bet you wouldn’t have guessed mine from Hong Kong; a metropolitan which I visited recently for the very first time because even I myself, can’t. Quite unexpectedly, it was the moment I exited the airport; half-greeted by a hundred searching eyes for their loved ones, relatives, or perhaps a best friend. Though I did not get a warm hug so […]