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Baphuon Temple

This merely qualifies as a ‘fashion’ post (open inverted commas absolutely necessary) but I’d classified as such, since you won’t see me often dressed like that. A blog reader Cinner recently asked me if I was for real – Can you be dressed in shorts and sans sleeves when visiting the holy temples? That is a very good question indeed! There are certain areas in the Angkors that require you […]

Mirrors of Reality

A major part of traveling at Cambodia is about exploring the side of humanity that exists within one’s self. Every day that I was there, I made an effort to remind and allow myself to get as close as I could with every single living soul – the people (locals and foreigners alike), animals mammals, and even plants; just to realize that something as simple as that requires opening up many […]

Ta Prohm

When you think of Cambodia, perhaps you first imagine a bygone world patched with poverty; a country you could save as one of the lasts to visit – why hurry? However, if you do go there, especially to Ta Prohm, you start asking yourself: where have I been all this while?! In other words, where can you find an ancient tree growing on a roof, a tree trunk the shape […]


There are many temples to discover within the Khmer Empire ruins; you probably need a month to throughly visit them all! Unless you are an archaeologist, realistically, one would dedicate one full day to explore the Angkor (city). In this post I’ve compiled the important spots to cover (in bold), and also what to look out for while at the spot itself (underlined). You may also find the cost breakdown […]

Weekday #OOTD

Quite some time ago, my ex colleague (now turned best friend), Sarah, approached me unscripted – asking if I could perhaps bring some clothes to work, as she needed some ‘Office Lady Outfit Of The Day’ inspirations for our company’s annual newsletter. At first it felt like an iffy situation, but I did it anyway and it was fun! Yesterday, I found ‘em pictures in an old folder and decided […]

The New Cin City

After 1* year of changing 2* web programmers,  3* web designers;   After 123 revisions,  321 payments,  and countless sighs;   After a decade* of blogging, I present to you, and this loyal blog;  a bright new facelift I think it deserves.   And I believe it is all worthwhile, as much as I truly hope; you like it as cincerely as I do.    *Actual figure involved.    I used to wonder […]

Comb Raider

Before we go any further, are you able to guess the location of this shoot? Just in case i had to play Tomb Raider’s role for a day, i decided to steal some inspirations from Lara Croft : comfortable all-black pieces, geared with sexy weapons chunky accessories – to avoid drowning in all casualty. i especially love the twin wrist cuffs and gold choker. i think they play a big […]