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Chic Travelista

One might think twice about making a fashion post out of an outfit so casual, but i think it necessary so. i could really put on something more funky to entice you, but at the end of the day i’d prefer to offer a sense of style in terms of practicality, especially in the context of traveling in a third world country like Cambodia. From an early flight; which took […]

Bandung II

“Semut makan manisnya, kehabisan langsung tinggal hitamnya“, were the exact words from our tour guide at the crater on his definition of “hitam manis“. Though i prefer the first day (Big Guy rated the second better), i was relieved to escape the hitam manis locals at Tangkuban Parahu; though sweet with their ukuleles and colorful hanging beads all over their body, their wishful faces speak to you sad stories without words, desperately […]

Tiffany Leopard

i can’t think of a more favorable go-to dress when traveling at a place like Bandung, Indonesia. With an itinerary built with activities like eating and walking, putting comfort above everything else seems like the smartest thing to do. And by that, i meant a flow-y dress that provides space of an inch from your skin and a pair of genius sandals like Birken. i adorned the whole travelista look […]


Every time i visit a different country, it feels like starting a new short-term relationship. You fall in love, learn to love its good, and before you can learn about its bad, it’s time to leave. When you get back home, you live with the memories of that special but fragile relationship you had. You try to reteach yourself to see the good of your own country because it is […]

Featured: 3 Looks

{spot me?} i contributed another article freshly up at P&G’s Everyday Me pretty website on 3 Looks that Inspire. For those who find themselves torn between spending 300 bucks on a dress or a one-way holiday ticket (hi five!), this might be just what you’re looking for. Keep these easy tricks on style and beauty in your pocket. Trust me, they go a long way . . .  

Tangkuban Parahu

There were no tourists in sight. Only travelers and locals. It takes a wild heart to bring one’s self to be present this close to a living volcano when the world is so big; promising perhaps more extravagant places to wander or to simply get lost in fascination. Tangkuban Parahu was nothing quite like that, yet neither was its beauty any lesser; should one allows the self to get immersed […]


The sparkling jewels fastened on my arm candies guided the path into the deep green forest of Mount Tangkuban Perahu as i ventured into a whole new world resembling a true fairy tale adventure. It took me twice the consideration to get this batik-inspired dress i was wearing; seeing its cut was a bit too low at the front for my liking. When it finally went on sale, i couldn’t resist […]