Monthly Archives: March 2014

Butterfly Dreams

When i first saw this dress in stores, i had a strong inclination to have it in my very own closet. Alas! Its price was beyond my imagination. So i was left to dream about it in pieces every now and then, day in and day out. Until, i was sponsored with 1000 bucks shopping voucher at Parkson, Pavillion! i’m sure i don’t have to let you know what i […]


After years and years of searching (no exaggeration here), i finally found my favorite facial ‘toner’ and i would like to share this news with you so that we can all own ‘snow white skin’! Its name: SEKKISEI Lotion, KOSÉ’s star product that has the best and instant whitening effect. So, what’s the story behind this signature blue bottle? i attended a KOSÉ workshop recently to know more about their […]

Aumn Aumn

It was an evening i’m not sure if i want to forget or remember. From the exclusive pizza trip at Naples to an impromptu Pompeii adventure, then avariciously resuming our itinerary plan aiming for Capri, it seems the Neapolitans disagree with our happy plan. Back in Naples, every time i reached out for help; i got rejected by provincials as if i was a nonentity. While enquiring about ferry tickets […]


Some of the best things in life come totally unplanned. One of them was a trip to Pompeii during my Viva Italia adventure – a city once buried under ash and pumice, rediscovered. Getting lost between paved cobbled streets under clear blue happy skies while the still-alive volcano watched stealthily, was indeed a remarkable experience tough to behold. Watching the movie after, answered all historical dreams my mind fantasized about […]


If both pasta and gelato deserve an entire blog post respectively, then pizza would be the remaining Italian hero. With only a week to conquer Italy, to say i’ve searched and tasted “the best” pizza would be an overstatement. But can i not, really, when Elizabeth Gilbert described these masterpieces coming out from Michele’s wood-burning oven almost to the point that they are worth worshipping? i read her pizza story […]

Villa Borghese

i had only one morning left in Rome but there was one last place left in my itinerary i wanted to go so badly: Villa Borghese. The trouble: we had to rush to Naples before their famous pizza runs out at 1 p.m. Being greedy, ambitious travellers, we decided to make it happen. Of course we made it happen! It was a blessing in disguise when we saw an Italian […]

Rome II

As the solemn bird of autumn fluttered away into Roman skies, the sun too, slowly retreated, nestling the city into a cosy dusk situation. The Vatican City chase has ended and i only had one thing focused in mind: to live bel far niente – the beauty of doing nothing. And there is no where i want better to so but in Rome. Of course i was traveling; that’s definitely doing […]