Monthly Archives: January 2014

Taste Prosperity

My Chinese New Year Special article contribution to P&G’s Everyday Me website is now out! This is my 5th addition and this time, we are baking irresistible pineapple tarts. It makes me feel happy and even a bit proud, if i may admit, to see my own pieces in the site and to know that my writing receives some sort of ‘recognition’ by a brand so big and respectable. Head […]

eMcee MeMe

While i’m busy preparing all things fancy for Chinese New Year (and procrastinating, obviously), i’m sure you’ll be too occupied to read anything too lengthy (when procrastinating, too). i found some candid pictures of my funny facial expressions when i was emceeing a quit smoking campaign couple of months back. Hope your CNY prepping break is at least worth a laugh or two!    

Rock ‘N’ Love

What would you choose to wear if you were to visit Venice for the very first time? i actually thought about that question but it didn’t take me long to decide. The name ‘Venice’ itself naturally spells r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c to me, so there were no second guesses why i shouldn’t wear this new piece; which i secretly planned to save for Chinese New Year. It was cold and rainy so i […]

Venice: City On Water

i rushed out of the airport fueled with brimming happiness, dashing past a hundred unknown pretty faces just to take a deep breath of fresh air contained in this new country i was set to conquer. The first person i came inches close with, was a handsome man with the most original big brown eyes. He was just another bus driver, but he made me wonder where do you find such […]

The Monroe Kiss

So we’ve mastered the perfect red lips, but what do we do with the rest of our face? There is a makeup rule that preaches to only focus on one feature at a time. As much as i cannot deny that statement, i can’t help myself from wondering: What should i do with my eyes? Just because i am going bold with my lips, doesn’t mean everything else has to […]

[AD] La Vie de Bohème

There are many ways to describe yourself; like the About Me section in Facebook or Twitter. But there is one powerful way of doing so just wherever you go . . . through scent. A perfume, that sophisticatedly allows your personality to shine through as you walk by. A perfume, that can tell the world without words, your story. My story, is themed ‘romantic nostalgia’ with an elegant allure – just like […]

Little China

Here’s a quickie, just like how quick time flies and today means half of January is gone. If you feel like you’re still living in 2013, Chinese New Year will give you another chance to restart and celebrate again. For now i shall leave you with two pictures of me in a cheongsam while emceeing a fengshui event – You’re welcome to find its relevance with this post. Tomorrow promises a […]