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Rosemerry Christmas : Deco Edition

As far as the song “Twelve Days of Christmas” goes, i’ve decided to update this blog with festive inspirations up till 5th January 2014. (From 1st to 5th January i will be updating daily.) The traditional Christmas dinner we organized was big and serious, packed with all the tiny details you may or may not think of; which tied the whole “Rustic Rosemary” theme together beautifully, hence i would love […]

Christmas Gifts

There are 12 days of Christmas so if there are some friends’ gift you missed buying, there’s a saying that goes better late than never! The act of gifting is a great way to show someone that they matter enough to be remembered. The art of gifting is when you put a thought behind it. This Christmas is one where i gave and received most presents. The best part is […]

Rosemary Placement Cards

This year i hosted a Christmas dinner for the very first time and the process was definitely a thrill. Prep-ping for the one night only event started as early as November, when i created a new board on Pinterest specially just for Christmas; pinning every tiny detail that i wanted to include for our guests. After gathering much inspirations, we decided to go with the theme ‘rosemary rustic‘. This little […]

Rosemerry Christmas

Yesterday Big Guy and i hosted a Christmas eve dinner specially for our family and friends who are still in the country. Our theme ‘rosemary rustic’ while our menu, we try to keep as traditional as possible. The last couple of hours before the event was total chaos (imagine #AFC Hell’s Kitchen) but seeing Ralf guarding the turkey like an angel and Jeremy clumsily transforming our gingerbread house into Hansel […]

Christmas Candyland

X’mas is just a couple of days away and while i’d love to share with you what we’re doing this year, i’ve decided to keep all dinner party details a surprise for our guests. Instead, here’s what i missed out last year early December, where i emceed W’s X’mas Candyland campaign that was packed with loads of fun and laughter. What better way than to celebrate Christmas with miss universes […]

No news is (probably) good news, but this one just in. My second write up feature in Today’s Choices magazine with oh-so-handsome Carl Graham on the cover is finally out! Mr. postman delivered them fresh straight into my hungry mail box, making my day awesome-r. Grab a copy if you haven’t. It comes with a special ‘flip-side feature’. Not gonna elaborate – gotta check it out yourself.

A Wedding Nightmare

It was a day better than before, when i saw a girl who fell down the stairs outside the toilet but ignored. She then told me that she had to take more lift trips and climb more stairs because the hotel key didn’t work, the room was wrongly booked, she got into a bad fight with her boyfriend, so on, so forth. Her now black blue knees covered up by […]