Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Little Things

One last look from Germany in all black, not excluding the now old worn out loyal black boots which were newly purchased just two weeks before. What’s special about a total black outfit usually depends on how you mix different textures and materials together. In this look, i combined at least 5 – a wide hat you rarely see me wear, my favorite TOPSHOP silk slip, my very ZARA shorts […]

Tomato Prawns

{by ‘Chef’ Moi} 我的女儿超爱吃番茄。只要有番茄出现的料理她就很欢喜。记得她小时候,每次有带她出远门时我就会煮这道番茄虾装在便当盒中, 让她在车里慢慢用餐。材料粒粒状, 好看, 好吃又不 leceh!! 有点”航空”餐的感觉呢! My daughter loves tomatoes (very) much. As long as there are tomatoes in a dish, she will absolutely adore it. i remember when she was a child whenever we went for our road trip i would cook ‘flying shrimps’; nicely packed in a lunch box so that she could slowly enjoy her meal in the car. Ingredients here are all round […]

Turning 27

A quarter way through my late twenties, i decided to leave the day unplanned. It was also the first time i celebrated my birthday with Big Guy as a team, who asked me tirelessly, “What do you want for your birthday?” “i want a memory”, was what i told him but Big wouldn’t let my ‘special’ day go by without something more tangible. After 8 months of extensive traveling around […]

While November might just be another month to us, we forget that many living souls from countries which are going through a grey bitter winter right now who would ‘die’ to trade for a day of Malaysian weather. An eternal summer perfect for beer fest, concerts, garage sales; just anything under the sun all year long. Just imagine a festival where we can have all that in one place! i’m diggin’ […]

Super Fish & Chips

{by ‘Chef’ Moi} 喜欢吃 fish & chips 的朋友都知道鱼及 fries 都是用 deep-fry 的。谁管它是炸还是烤的, 要好吃就对了。Eugene & Cindy 也不例外。每一次煮这道料理时, 我的那一份与他们的不一样。我己上了年纪,怕油腻也怕 cholestrol, 给自己做一道美味又少油的 pan-fried fish & chips. 老公及孩子们看了开始对它产生兴趣。看到我能无忧无虑的吃住 ‘健康 Fish & Chips’, 儿子 taste 后对我说, “妈妈,下一回我也要!!” 好高兴能成功打动家人的心。我胜利了! 从此我可以用健康, 简单及省油的方式来煮家人的最爱。。。 To my fellow friends who love to eat fish & chips, you know that this dish is prepared using the deep-fry method. Who cares if it is baked or fried; as long as it is […]

Summer Wine

Truth is it was autumn but nothing about the weather justified so, hence the sunny title. Wearing one of my favorite dresses for tricky seasons transitions, i journeyed through the vineyards in my ‘Cinderella slippers’; which is a valid mystery i’ll leave for you to wonder how. The grapes warm to the touch; radiating sweet aroma that leaves you wondering – why aren’t they seedless for me to enjoy? (Answer: It […]

Apple Tree

i wonder how i wonder why yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky and all that i can see is just a red apple tree . . . Finally the day arrived when i grab hold my long awaited dream doner; its freshly baked naan warming the tips of my fingers. i could feel its thickness; which told me without words the ever fulfilling promise – your tummy is […]