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Pumpkin Curry Rice

{by ‘Chef’ Moi} 今年的万圣节 (Halloween) 我们一家人只简简单单的渡过。前几天女儿告诉我她很想吃有咖哩口味的料理。这道金瓜咖喱虾饭是 one dish meal, 煮法简单, 鲜香浓郁, 超赞。用了虾高汤来煮此饭, 淡淡的咖喱味配鲜香的大虾孩子们停不了口! 今年的南瓜是老公雕刻的, 有点怪因为不够凶。可是我们还是给他一个 。 我的孩子们都不爱吃别人煮的南瓜饭。原因是” 南瓜软扒扒, 不香又 geli。” 饭中的南瓜我用炸的方式所以特别香甜可口,也不带” 南瓜味” 不太敢吃南瓜的儿子也一直找南瓜呢! 一大早我家厨房弥漫了咖喱及虾的混合香气, neighbour  一定很羡慕我吧, 哈哈!! This year our family decides to celebrate Halloween simple. Few days ago my daughter told me that she feels like eating curry flavored dishes. This pumpkin and prawn curry rice is a one dish meal. Its cooking method is simple, delicious, rich, and awesome. […]

[AD] Urbanscapes 2013

{At Urbanscapes 2011} i’ve always loved the idea of an outdoorsy festival packed with good music, amusing art work, a wide variety of food; accompanied by (Tiger) beer of course, and all the colorful inspirations that come with it. There’s something refreshing about it rather than loitering at the malls all the time. Don’t you think? Having that said, i guess i can confidently say that i am a huge fan of […]

As Halloween this year naturally falls on a weekday, i decide to celebrate it this coming Thursday without overdoing it. i created this look that is versatile (so that you don’t have to scarify beauty should you decide to abandon your costume by midnight – you reeaally don’t want to scare off Prince Charming), yet still containing enough drama while you are ‘in character’. All you need is to hunt […]

Benz Style

This year in the world of fashion is when i begin to notice the emerging trend of sporty pieces paired with just about anything, while still keeping it appropriate and chic – of course. We’re talking about sport inspired top with heels for example, not running attire with a designer bag. When i heard from Big Guy that we will be visiting the Mercedes Benz museum, i was ready and […]

Hokkien ‘Loh’ Bamboo

{by ‘Chef’ Moi} 这道福建卤笋是我家婆的拿手菜之一。还记得刚嫁入郑家时, 我对笋料理只是 mamatey (不太喜欢的意思) 看到全家人吃得津津有味, 我也跟住吃。渐渐的我也爱上这道笋料理了。不论是配饭,粥或炒米粉都很美味。清淡又含多纤维, Cindy & Eugene 也超喜爱呢! This Hokkien braised bamboo is my mother in law’s signature dish. i remember when i was freshly married into the Tey family, my liking towards bamboo was just mamatey (so-so). Watching the whole family ate with relish, i did the same. Gradually, i start loving it too. Whether it’s with rice, porridge, or noodles; it simply taste […]

A Chestnut Love Story

A chestnut is just a chestnut but a chestnut becomes a treasure when it is given to you by someone special. Like how a handshake with an old uncle is just a mere handshake but a handshake with your idol makes you not want to wash your hands for weeks, or how that alley is just an alley but that ex of yours whom you once loved so much made […]

Story & Guide : Esslingen

In just less than a year, i find myself in an old plane taking my third flight to Europe. We paid extra to choose our seats but what luck we had that Big Guy’s chair was broken. When the seatbelt lights went off, i lowered my seat like the rest and heard a loud moan in thick Australian accent. “I’M TELLING YOU, THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME!” The yapping went […]