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Krabi : Phra Nang

While Elizabeth Gilbert wisely chose three staple words in life: Eat, Pray, Love, i believe the habitants surrounding Phra Nang also known as ‘Penis Island’ have long since lived by the three words: God, Love, Penis. First you pray to God in order to find Love, which then presents you a Penis to provide you with children. It is believed that a Princess Goddess named Phra Nang who lives on this island […]

{by ‘Chef’ Moi} 我居住的地方到处都可看到韩国雜货店.每次光顾都是用手语。韩国餐厅满街都是。最好笑的是我的邻居是韩国人。 女兜与我都非常喜爱韩式料理。韩国菜不油腻符合我两的要求。只要白饭吃少一些, 其他的料理我们就可尽量吃到饱。完全没有罪恶感。 每次煮韩国料理时我会选用五种不同颜色的蔬果。这也是料理的特色吧!由於店家做出的韩式冬粉不太合我口味,我用了中华料理方式煮出一道非常筒单, Q 弹及美味的 Korean tung hoon。好满足哦。韩式风味依然保留可是却美味可口!!哈,我又可开心一整天哩! The area where i live has Korean grocery shops just about everywhere. Every time i visit them, i communicate with the owners using ‘sign language’. Also mushrooming are Korean restaurants. The funniest part is to find out that my neighbor next door, is Korean too! My daughter and i love Korean food very much. Korean dishes are not oily, hence […]

Krabi : Diary 2

One day, Big Guy said “There’s nothing much to write about a beach vacation”, and i guess he’s not too wrong after all. i had the whole story written in my head when i was in a shower (where situation like this usually happens best), but since i had no paper and pen nor gadgets to type on with my wet hands, the tale got washed away with my detergents. […]

Krabi : Koh Phi Phi

You can be rest assured that a location is close to paradise especially if Leonardo diCaprio was filmed in a Hollywood movie there! Anyone remember Maya Bay, where The Beach was shot? Psychotic Richard; making love to Françoise by the beach, the towering light house, notion of parallel universe . . . i’m glad it wasn’t such a dramatic experience for us. Girls just wanna have fun! Like it or not, more bikini […]

Mid Autumn Tea Party

Mid Autumn Festival has got to be my favorite celebration of the Chinese lunar calendar. The legend of beautiful Chang’er and her romantic love story, sipping hot tea under the big round moon . . . every single element of this festival is purely captivating. When i was young, we used to decorate our garden with colorful candles, walk around the neighborhood with a lantern in our hand gossiping about kids […]

Hot Pink Lips

Want to look like a Korean pop star for a day without going through the plastic surgeries? i’d love to do that for fun! Though my style is rarely themed sweet and cute, once in a while it is fun to play pretend. When i was a little girl, my mum would let me play dress up with chiffon frocks, pink ribbons, and lace socks. Even though i’m a big […]

Krabi : Viking Cave

After a day exploring Ao Nang, we embarked on an island hopping adventure the very next. Such is a wise arrangement if you ask me. From Bamboo Island, we took a boat across the narrow sea passages towards Viking Cave. One can not get more natural ‘beach hair waves’ than this! Sea water to wash, salt scrub / spa for the scalp, sun for shiny gloss . . . more […]