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{by ‘Chef’ Moi} 我的两个宝贝孩子,在外用餐时如果是点鱼料理,他们多数只吃 fish and chips. 原因是不喜欢带刺的鱼料理。为了镶孩子们换换口味,我特地用了中西合拼的方式耒煮一道简单丰富及美味的西式鱼料理。大量的 mozzarella cheese 配 brocolli 吃起来超爽口!每次煮此料理他们都会吃到清光。我感到好幸福哟!!! When dining out, my two beloved children mostly only eat ‘Fish & Chips’ when it comes to ordering fish. Reason being, they dislike fish bones. In order for my children to have more options in this food department, i use the fusion method of Western meets Asian to cook this simple, hearty, and delicious meal. The generous amount […]

Krabi : Bamboo Island

This piece of paradise is one of the most beautiful beaches i’ve been to so far (and i mean it). Our second day at Krabi was all about the triple S : sun, sand and sea. We lathered sunblock on each other’s back; laughing in between, allowed the tranquil scenery to steal a breath or two away from us, took turns to play photographer for our personal bikini shoots . […]

Krabi : Diary

As much as i love fashion (wearing, talking, obsessing about it), truth is, i love travel more. It takes me a lot of guts to admit this to you, but if i really had to choose one – ‘Live to Travel’ versus ‘Life on the Fashion Lane’, i’d definitely go for the first. What about you? Having that said, i am taking the ‘travel’ out of this site, to tune […]

How To: Double Eyelids

As a product of my parents (my mum has double eyelids while my dad, inner double eyelids), I have a double eyelid on my right, and an inner double eyelid on my left. As far as I can remember, it never used to be like this when I was a child. (Some Chinese believe that if you have such eyes, it means you are a 花心罗卜). Though I have no […]

Krabi : Stay

Our choice for the season’s holiday stay was Ananta Burin Resort, an affordable boutique resort which Charlene managed to purchase a good deal for online. It has all the basic requirements a hotel should have (not the kind of ‘basic’ where only hand soap is provided). There is a splashy pool where you can get a massage / spa done right next to it. Eri even got a special treatment for her […]

Krabi : Food

Even with a packed travel schedule with extensive sights and activities, our team of food connoisseurs will tell you never to neglect FOOD, especially not in Thailand! Here i’ve compiled a list of Top 5 things to tantalize your taste buds with while frolicking in Krabi. Street food. Skip the menu! The usual Pad Thai, Tom Yum, pineapple fried rice, are definitely my favorites go-to(s). If you want to try something […]

Krabi (Ao Nang) : Tour

When my girl friends and i first visited the idea of a beach getaway in Krabi, we were confused as to where exactly in Krabi do we accommodate ourselves. It was not until we found out that the ‘star’ destination of this province is called ‘Ao Nang’. Ao Nang is more worthy of a visit than Krabi town, if you ask me. Here i’ve narrowed down a list of Top […]