Monthly Archives: July 2013

Turquoise Scallop

Here are some mix matched bikini shots, mostly caught off guard while i spent a couple of hot summer days by a local beach up north, Langkawi. Enjoying the sun, sand, sea; occasionally climbing big rocks for an elevated view, capturing salty ocean breeze in my hair, has got to be one of my favorite past times. Below unfolds another photo diary of a beach girl. Bikini top: Abercrombie & […]

Breaking Silence

Over a cup of steaming hot ginger tea or during a bumpy ride in a van along the main street of Battaramulla; i can’t quite remember which, i participated in a conversation with my Sri Lanka host / fabulous friend Tracy concerning the topic of loneliness VS solitude. We all know someone in our circle who claims so often that they are okay being alone when truth is, the ability of […]

One Day in Kuching

Throwing our gazes far away to the east from the peninsula with the occasional question in our heads, “how worthy is it to fly across?”; I’ve finally got mine answered when AirAsia sponsored me to a great trip as seen here. In conjunction to that, I managed to take the opportunity to explore Kuching, the fascinating city of cats. At the end of this post you will find my own version […]

Striped Butterfly

As easy as it was to pair this outfit, this summer festive inspired coordinate also came to me like a piece of cake. i’m not saying that putting clothes on is a hard thing to do, but undeniable is the fact that girls usually have a constant dilemma of ‘what to wear’. Somehow it occur to me how much i wanted to dance around in a long dress that is […]

Tattooed World

Today brings an adventure through lush greens under skin piercing sun, finding ourselves inside long houses, testing our hands on traditional musical instruments, getting inked like a local . . . you name it! Our third and last day at Sarawak was a true 360 Borneo experience. The idea of housing Rainforest World Music Festival in the cultural village itself is just brilliant. Once again, big thanks to AirAsia and […]

Saddled Batik

It didn’t take me long to figure that this put-together would be the best outfit to don at the rainforest music festival. As it was gonna be a promising night of sweatiness and stickiness, I decided that this flow-y batik inspired jumpsuit matched with comfortable sneakers and a bag that is just big enough to accommodate outdoor party necessities i.e. mosquito spray, are simply gonna be the best nominated items. […]

Borneo Love!

Ever since i started blogging, i have written countless advertorials for various products / brands / services. Ever since i started blogging, i also wished that i could do so with AirAsia as i am a HUGE fan of affordable flights, given that i love traveling almost as much as my life. Imagine my thrill when i received an email invitation from AirAsia few weeks ago to go on a sponsored trip […]