Monthly Archives: May 2013

The First Countdown

after a whole full month of wanderlust filled escapade, my fingers are finally ready to tap dance on my missing MacBook; resting the way it always does on my lap and a half-crooked vertebrate in bed this warm sunny Friday afternoon. during this long period of absence, i have had a lot to think. honestly, i am unsure if they are subjects people usually talk about, but today we try. […]

Hello Goodbye

If farewells had a taste it would have been bittersweet. Writing about goodbyes is possibly my forte but no, this time i’m leaving it with nothing more than this paragraph because goodbye seems to be the hardest word. Some pictures from a farewell party taken at a warm neighborhood bar / café during my last night in Germany:

To be honest, i never fancied Stuttgart (except for the fact that The Avengers was once shot there). However, upon arriving at the neat sized city, i couldn’t help noticing the little things about the place that make you imagine how fun it would be during summer; the dancing fountain, colorful picnic baskets, honey bees busy selecting pollens from blossoming flowers . . . Then i figured how unfair it […]

Tarilyn Conroe

One of the hardest challenges when it comes to fashion is to match sexc with cute, and to still look good at the same time. Not that i necessarily need or want to, but i was running out of items to wear back at my hometown and ended up pairing these two fun pieces; transforming them into a party frock. It’s always fun to shoot by our pool; especially when […]

Laced Orange

As much as i love white (so much i don’t mind wearing white from head to toe for the rest of my life; if i had to choose a color), i decided to be a bit more adventurous by popping some bright orange to my otherwise blank canvas. The process of putting this whole look together taught me just how much accessories could spice up the simplest outfit of shorts […]

5 Things

Here are (some of the) 5 things that would make Germany a memorable and magical trip during winter. 1. This shattered window, and the comic picture that got caught in between {because art exists everywhere in the world we live in; as long as we are attentive enough to see it, yes?} 2. This hatless chef {because with all that dough he seems like the most skillful baker i’ve ever […]

The Avenger

i was told that the avengers were reported MISSING, so i was sent here to kill Loki. Loki anyone? Shot at ‘Stuttgart Square’ a.k.a Public Square, Cleveland, this fashion post turns out to be one of my favorites mainly because of its location. Well, at least Loki did not demand me to kneel before him! Remember that scene? If you don’t, maybe the pictures below could help you do some […]