Monthly Archives: March 2013

5 Things

Here are 5 gleaming scenes that might just make your week somewhat magical (or so i hope). 1. This silver moon + speckles of ‘green’ stars {because they came with something more that requires your imagination to see. . .} 2. This Hansel and Gretal’s marzipan house (looking the way i used to know it) {because it eased in erasing the witch hunters identity its recent movie imparted} 3. The […]


Cutesy is never my kind of word when it comes to fashion, leave alone style (if it has it at all). But when i saw this grey knitted cashmere dress interwoven with all its hues of the same clique, i thought i heard whispers from the Gods to purchase it. Love, is the two fur balls hanging down low from its lazy, relaxed hood hiding at the back. To cover […]

Shopping, Online.

There is good and bad to almost every thing in this world but there is one particular matter, which has made me start recognizing more of its pros than cons: ONLINE SHOPPING. You might be thinking “it’s a blogger’s thing”, or a “it’s a girl thing”, but allow me to analyze this with you a little bit before we jump into conclusion, shall we? PROs of online shopping 1. You […]


All fairytales end with happily ever after but little do people know what happens after that. This is a short and sweet continuing tale from my Sleeping Beauty castle adventure as we drove from fictional looking town, Schwangau, directly to Munich, the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria. The transition felt almost otherworldly as we arrived as knight and princess from 1880′s mode: ON, to the new era of 2010′s, as […]

5 Things

Here are 5 things that made my seventh day in Germany heavenly. 1. This AMAZING picturesque view from swan castle {because you can’t find anything like that in Malaysia (or anywhere near you now if you’re in the country). need me say more?} 2. This moss green fungi {because they look like corals, except they live on trees } 3. These pretty horses {because they swept us off on a […]

[AD] Oil & Yoghurt

{time: 9 A.M.} {time: 2 P.M.} Have you ever started a good day like this, and then ended up like this? i had, and it felt like the hours couldn’t go any slower! i couldn’t wait for the day to just end so i could wash my hair again and give it a good fix. If you experienced that before, do not fret. You are (definitely) not alone! Most women […]

Sleeping Beauty

Of all 14 days in Germany, this is the creme de la creme of my winter holiday. It also marks a special day in my life’s history when i first witnessed snow falling down from the sky, softly landing all over my body creating icy polka dots so cute i could just scream and die. You should see the look at Leo’s face instead of mine; he had promised that he will show me snow, as […]