Monthly Archives: December 2012

5 Things

Here are 5 Things Special Gifts that made my week: 1. This Hellolulu DSLR camera bag from Oliver {because the wild strawberry color is just exceptionally unique!} 2. This thumb drive + sticky note that came with it {because it is loaded with Bob Marley’s The Very Best of Legend hits to accompany me during my 15 hours flight} 3. This special scarf mum got me from Thailand {because not […]

The Pink Jetty

It is one of those days when you decide that the sun is your best and favorite companion. Dressed in a simple white slip dress from ZARA and only 4 pink key accessories, i went on a cruise along Brisbane river on an incredibly bright and sunny day; a scene so perfect i rate it next to heaven! Sometimes when you’re alone, i promise you that a date with the […]

Frohe Weihnacht

i would love to take this (super) rare opportunity to wish all of you Cin Citizens a Merry Christmas from Germany before this festive day ends! Irony is when i fly all the way here to experience a warm, hearty Christmas dinner with a local family in Esslingen, but ended up waayyy too drunk during my first Heiliger Vormittag thus missing the whole intimate deal. Ho ho ho . . […]

5 Things {X’mas Edition}

Here are 5 {X’masy} things that made my week: 1. This Panettone {because it is a cake, but also tastes like a bread. dad and i had fun figuring} 2. This gift + cute card from Heikki {because i’m saving the surprise by opening it only after coming back from Germany} 3. This Bohemian bracelet {a gift from mum all the way from Shangri-La – this bedazzling hot chili red […]

Girl on TV

{NakedBerry} If i were my Blackberry i suppose i would be a very traumatized inanimate object. Pardon me, but it does look like it got abused and raped from behind at least 50 times. Though it has also served its function as a perfect icebreaker (no one has NOT asked me what ‘happened’ to my phone), i’d rather live without such reliable talent. On the other hand, i honestly don’t like […]

Onyx Bedazzled

My first visit to Mount Coot-tha is as interesting as this outfit coordinate i randomly put together: weirdly sexc cutout skirt in flimsy fabric / sheer material paired with one of my many-ways-to-wear Max Mara coat (if i may call it a ‘coat’) to give it a more structured look. Also invited to join this adventure is the loud neon pink clutch who lends a pop of color. i would […]