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i contributed another article freshly up at P&G’s Everyday Me pretty website on 3 Looks that Inspire. For those who find themselves torn between spending 300 bucks on a dress or a one-way holiday ticket (hi five!), this might be just what you’re looking for. Keep these easy tricks on style and beauty in your pocket. Trust me, they go a long way . . . ;)



Tangkuban Parahu


There were no tourists in sight. Only travelers and locals. It takes a wild heart to bring one’s self to be present this close to a living volcano when the world is so big; promising perhaps more extravagant places to wander or to simply get lost in fascination. Tangkuban Parahu...

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The sparkling jewels fastened on my arm candies guided the path into the deep green forest of Mount Tangkuban Perahu as i ventured into a whole new world resembling a true fairy tale adventure. It took me twice the consideration to get this batik-inspired dress i was wearing; seeing its cut...

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i was awaken by the tranquility outside my window. i had been sleeping with the serene view like a dream inside my head ever since i got a glimpse of it last night, and i couldn’t wait to experience living in it for real. i drew the curtains open to showcase...

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Time & Death

Time is accurate in all it’s relativity. Time is time. People, like to create paces for it. We are all guilty for doing so – one minute blaming how time flies, the other cursing how slow it crawls. The only logic i have for time, goes like the old saying...

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