5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that light up my weekend:

1. This Ladurée candle

photo 4

{for generously sharing its Parisian scent at my home office, making work on weekend evenings more bearable}

2. This Kate Spade clutch

photo 1

{because I received it from attending its launch at Pavilion last Thursday, and I can’t wait to take it out on our first date together!}

3. This naughty panty

photo 2

{perfect for home lounging alone with a basic T – now selling at LaSenza}

4. This tiny garden setup at the balcony

photo 3

{because it is where I go to when I want to rest my eyes upon some greens – especially after hours of staring into my MacBook/iPhone}

5. This new book

photo 5

{because it speaks to a woman like me}



Whether it’s the moonlight or sun shining as wealthy as a silver dollar, there is something about the idea of running through cornfields that always entices me. It’s like a fragment of the faintest memory collected from an unknown past that belongs to me, forgotten to be confiscated by the soul keeper. While some dreams are made of castles, unicorns, and cotton candy, a huge part of mine is consumed by the [...]



Can’t say I have been to Paris without rockin’ a striped sailor number, can I? Personally, it’s like going to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Needless to say, on my second day wandering around more suburban areas of the romantic city, I decided to keep it simple and classy in this body fitting piece and classic red lipstick; especially after living in all that uniqueness for a day. Not sure if I’ve [...]



This stew is the first thing in my food list to savor in France, but somehow I didn’t get around having it at all. So I figured, “Why not remake it at home?”, especially since ‘it came to me’ when I randomly switched on the TV and Avec Eric was cooking Beef Bourguignon in his kitchen. Boy, was I inspired! Imagine a hearty tender beef stew on a bed of [...]



‘Paris in 1 Day‘ might sound like we are traveling ‘on the surface’ but with me, I’ll make sure you eat a meal, not just get a taste. Today, let’s take a little detour into the magnificent world of Phantom of the Opera. Make your visit worthwhile by exploring each corner – Notice the impressive carvings, spot the famous ceiling fresco, walk in admiration along the aisle of glass-coffined costumes, play up your [...]



Who gets enough of Paris in ONE day? NO one. But in case you catch a French wishing star or have the chance to experience this elegant city during a single day transit, here is a travel guide, plus a BIG secret that might just come in handy. Now I know Paris is famous for its romanticism and rushing through such beauty is definitely a shame - not the ideal way of traveling.  I am [...]



Another featured story this year, this time in The Star newspaper! Published early August when I grabbed the newspaper fresh from the bookstore on the very same day, but only managed to scan it through now. For more pictures and details on what it is about, read my story on Lucky Sweethearts here.