5 Cinspirations

This week’s installment of 5 Cinspirations mainly consists of gifts with a touch of one’s hand or home. What makes it more special is the involvement of some colleagues whom I often view as people I work with, and nothing else. Some of these also remind me to tie loose connections because life is all about bridging gaps after all.

1. This homemade Spinach and Meatballs Quiche


{because it is a unique invention by the very talented Chef Moi a.k.a. my mum, who made our home smell a lot like Christmas lately}

2. This magic color hibiscus ‘tattoo’


{because the last time I allowed someone to draw on my hand, I was probably 13. This small part of a wild drinking game (I almost got a penis instead of a flower) during our office Christmas party presents me with a sweet nostalgic feeling I never thought I’d treasure}

3. This unexpected gift with a touch of gold


{because we need more people full of good surprises in this world. What really charmed me was how this bubbly colleague of mine actually took her time to customize each and everyone’s greeting message rather than just a mere ‘Merry Christmas!”}

4. This new and sleek power bank


{which I received during a wonderful evening date with Maxis at their spanking new office, after a great visionary speech by the CEO}

5. This gorgeous gift box from Watsons by a luxe brand, bollywood


{because unwrapping it was like unveiling a box of magic to the secrets of Bollywood celebs’ flawless beauty, and I can’t wait to try out each one of them and share my reviews with you}



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