Hello October


I look at the clouds floating next to me and I see my life. It has been about living in the sky and waking up forgetting where I am, but like a past so yesterday, it drifts behind me like September.

Now: October.

Lush like the wild green jungles of Chiang Mai right below, rocking strong currents like Chao Phraya river during monsoon season – this month packed with new changes, I am moving. I am moving my entire life in 20 boxes!

It is not something easy to write or speak about. I am tangled between two mixed feelings - yin and yang, perhaps they call it. I am excited about discovering every nook and cranny at a country I’ve frequented countless times yet unfairly have not learned to love, but at the same time I feel sad every time I think of my family and friends I am leaving behind although it is ‘just next door’. The only way to understand is by living.

This series of ‘Hello {insert month}’ usually ends with a list of things to look forward to. One thing I am gonna miss most about Malaysia is the public holidays. I hope this section will always remain relevant to me and this blog.

To my Malaysian friends, don’t forget that you can take only 1 day leave (on 28th October), to get 4 days off throughout the Deepavali break.

To all my readers, Happy International Coffee day! The coffee beans that help us survive mornings or late nights throughout the week deserve a celebration. Call a friend, try out a nice café and go on a coffee date! After alll, what more ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon? (:

Other days to keep you cinspired in the kitchen this month: Have a healthy green meal tonight for it is World Vegetarian Day (1st October), make yourself a good Catalan omelette on World Egg Day (14th October), for World Pasta Day (25th October), try this easy homemade pesto dish, a classic vongole or this one with roasted prawnsHalloween (31st October) calls for pumpkins! For those who are not up for costume parties, why not carve up this hearty, delicious Pumpkin Curry Rice at the comfort of your own home? 

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