There is one place we’re all in together, and that is a step away from entering the last week of January. While I haven’t achieved anything major worth highlighting, time has been well spent with family and best friends. Living life within my close circle has allowed me to be in my most neutral state and I see that positively as a great way to start the year. On the other hand, I also feel that time passes by faster when I have lesser things to do (fastest when I do absolutely nothing productive; which is an irony I can’t comprehend – let me know if you have a theory for that?). Dum dum durum dum dum . . . here are 5 cinspirations I’ve chosen for this week’s release and why they made it.

1. A ‘Doraemon moment’

asian friends

{because this intimate gathering with my ex colleagues from a Japanese cartoon licensing company brought back many good memories of us as Doremi, Doraemon and Shizuka}

2. This peng cai

Putien peng cai

{besides being a really delicious treasure pot, it brought 4 families together strong; reminding us that any day can be Chinese New Year as long as we are generous and make time and effort to unite}

3. This amazing species of floral

Marina Bay Sands

{because every time I visit Gardens by The Bay, there’s bound to be a new favorite plant I discover}

4. A cosy moment with my cute fur ball in bed

Cinga kitten

{because I miss her so, so much words can’t describe; and only pictures of her can make me feel better, even if ever so slightly . . .}

5. É’s scribble on a table 6000 miles away

scribble I love You

{because it’s nice to know in different ways that someone is thinking about you; regardless the time zone. (Don’t worry – this piece of wood is meant to be vandalised with words by its guests at this restaurant / bar!)}


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