Five Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that mark the end of ‘May’ and hopefully bring good ‘Will’ in the month of June.

1. My soul sister Ai Rene’s upcoming wedding in Turkey (!!!)


{for making me believe in fairytales again}

2. This random shot behind Low Yat plaza


{because for a sec there it reminds me dearly of Barcelona, and I’m revisiting next month specially to celebrate the magical night of Sant Joan!}

3. This mischievous shot of me and Tracy


{for reminding me of how fun it is to travel with a good girl friend, and that we didn’t have to go too far}

4. Mum’s homemade lunchbox bursting with colors


{for looking like nasi bungkus, except that it comes with an abundance of tasty lauk-pauk}

5. This candle


{for burning itself till the very end to accompany me with my Euro trip packing}



I could post a dozen pictures of me and my (new found) best friend, Yvonne, sipping tea and eating cakes with pinkies sticking in the air like Queen Elizabeth & Friends, but that would be too much of a distraction to bring my main point across to you. Here is a more compact version, rather, about great teas. I received an exclusive invite from Betjeman & Barton 10 days ago, to be [...]


To experience Luang Prabang thoroughly, one will need at least two days. While some may argue it’s too little, I find it compact and just right – perfect for a neat getaway. Upon arrival on the first day, I suggest to be gentle with your itinerary and tackle the Top 5 Things To Do In Luang Prabang first. Kuang Si waterfall is the main attraction, so it’s good to tick [...]

Unaware of my surroundings 90% of the time, I might come off as ‘arrogant’ more often than not. Truth is, I am living in my own world too much for my own good. It got so alarming to a point where Melody, an ex-colleague of mine, told me that I looked her right in the eyes and just walked away! As a result, she was afraid to say hi; fearing that [...]


Here are 5 Cinspirations that added some smiles and sparkles to an otherwise rocky week. 1. This bunch of wild flowers {a Monday ritual I devised to make the week less blue} 2. This misspelled coffee ala Starbucks {not sure if it was done on purpose, but I was (ha ha) Cingy for the day} 3. This diamond drop earring {for being the only accessory I can’t stop wearing as of [...]


Lao food turns out to be surprisingly: healthy. Rather than imprinting an unforgettable gastronomic experience (i.e. a tom yum that puts you on fire from A to Z) , this friendly cuisine leaves an impression that lingers in your memory for longer than you’d imagine. Read on to discover the 5 Food Experiences to Try at Laos.   1. Breakfast: Nosh along Mekong river (Luang Prabang) Opposite the sleepy river bank [...]

I may not be a digital content expert, but leading a social media team of six in a piquant digital agency has more or less taught me what would work, or not work in this fast generating content world. Today we are talking about Facebook. These learnings are based on my own personal observations as I’ve been working with 10 brands with different business models. While some may sound like stating [...]