The last time I was more tanned than this, I was in national service. Little did I know that the sun in Turkey is as deceiving as it is desirable. To complement my new ‘golden girl’ look, I flowed into a cream-colored, willowy satin dress; as I sailed my soul under the shadows of Taksim, charitably protecting me from the roaring rays.


 TOPSHOP dress + sandals
Accessories from Turkey

Looking for a satisfying, hearty meal in a busy city like Istanbul can be tough, especially when there are so many restaurants and stalls selling the same thing: kebab. Shortly after only 3 days in Turkey, my stomach started repulsing at the idea of skewered meat and giant piles of rice as side. Haqqi, a huge Egyptian man who owns a tour agency in the country, convinced us that Oz Urfa Restaurant [...]


August has been a very eventful month and by the looks of my calendar, it seems like the buzz will overflow to September; where some exciting travel plans are lined up. Trying to balance it all with a full-time job is almost like wearing an invisible handcuff, but I’m trying my best to hold on strong and have fun while at it. My body was caught in a battle against a [...]


After licking the legendary one-pan eggs clean, I dragged Ken, my travel partner for the day, along for window shopping. Here are the top 3 places we explored: 1. Spice Market These are the few things to check out at the colorful bazaar: {the rich scents of a hundred spices} {precious handmade soaps displayed like jewels} {candies, nuts, and candied nuts} {earthen wares to keep your favorite accessories} {painted ceramics [...]


The most mind-blowing dish I had during my ENTIRE stay at Turkey was surprisingly – scrambled eggs. In Turkey, they are called menemen, and mind you they are NOT your regular eggs. Scrambled with fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers, and seasoned with spices, this classic Turk breakfast is served hot in a pan with your preferred ‘special’ – cheese / beef / chicken / you get the idea. I chanced upon a restaurant [...]


This weekend’s selections of 5 Cinspirations are really one of the best installations yet. Read on to find out, and make sure to steal some ideas for your home too, or to dress up a vintage deco you already owned. 1. This tree of life grown from a book {a D.I.Y. inspiration I’m dying to steal} 2. This vintage composition {especially when this antic dial phone reminds me so much [...]


One of the many ways to dress up a pair of flow-y culottes is with a corset. Mainly because most culottes rest high at the waist, wearing a long tee or top without tucking it in wouldn’t be a smart fashion move. This leopard top I got years ago balances out the proportion, while nude sandals when paired with a dressy gold clutch add some acceptable ‘drama’ for daytime in [...]