Toulouse Travel Guide


After ambitiously unearthing Paris in 1 day, it’s time to unwind and experience the true meaning of la vie en rose at a cozy city in France named Toulouse.


{A fitting bed that made my stay even better at an urban, minimalistic-ally designed hotel}


 {Immediately changed out from my Parisian sailor dress to a flirty bohemian outfit to fit in the blushing Toulouse-an mood}


 {A very ‘green’ bathroom designed with a shower floor that slants ever so perfectly with the right degree; just enough to ensure that water runs down the drain fast enough, so that your feet are not greeted by wet bathroom floor after a good hair wash}


After freshening up, it’s time to paint the town red pink! Toulouse is the 4th largest city in France, grown big by Airbus (read about the amazing factory tour here). Unlike Paris, you don’t need to pay any transportation fee to enjoy its beauty. All the Must See(s), Eat(s) and Do(s), are within walking distance in this compact city. All you need is a pair of good shoes. ;)

Here I’ve narrowed down the Top 5 things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Toulouse:

1. Vieux Quartier (Old Quarter) 


Hit the restart button, refresh your mind, and start exploring the city with eyes wide open! Absorb all the beauty and be reminded of how lucky it is to be alive, and to be a part of history. This old quarter is built with pink bricks, making the whole city blush as it welcomes you.

2. Flea market (within Vieux Quartier)


Whether you’re in the mood to buy something or nothing at all, join the locals during their early evenings spent with their family at the bazaar. Remember, travelling is not just all about visiting tourist spots!


 {Chanced upon this lady playing her harp so beautifully and thought the scene looked almost angelic. Can’t recall ever hearing live music from this instrument; which origin goes back to Mesopotamia!}


{Some things just make your heart warm and fluffy, brimming with love . . .}


{The best spots in the city are hidden between secret-looking, sleepy alleys}

3. Basilique St. Sernin 


In this church, buries the bones of St. Sernin. Visit this red brick beauty, and snap a picture with its octagonal tower:


 4. River Garonne 


This river is a MUST visit when in Toulouse. It is the main attraction, I would say, and nothing beats a romantic picnic followed by a leisure stroll on a perfect day here with your favorite company.


Alternatively, take a cruise and enjoy the view on both sides of the river banks. Close your eyes once in a while and enjoy the crisp breeze.

 5. (Window) Shopping 


I’d be lying if collecting new things while travelling wasn’t part of my plan. Check out my best buys in Toulouse here. Other than your shopping ‘harvest’ and stay, all the above you get to enjoy in Toulouse for free!

Hope you look forward to visiting this charming rosy city in France soon. :)



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