City of Dreams


Macau was indeed something very extraordinary to me. If I were to exaggerate, we visited more hotels in 1 day than we’ve ever did in our entire lives! – something I never expected from Macau. From one ‘show’ to another, towards the end Sheau Torng was bombarded by a rather grumpy me, “Another hotel? How many shows have you got there in that list!”


{Grand Lisboa – a hotel with the most quirky architectural design I’ve ever seen}

When we finally reached Macau from Hong Kong, the rain was still mercilessly acting the Big Bully; hitting our ferry and faces. Even worse, we waited almost 40 minutes for a cab and had no where to go that won’t drench us mad. From that experience, we learned that the wisest decision in order to maintain our cool, was to:

1. Be lenient to ourselves – it’s okay to shuffle the itinerary

2. Be more flexible – it’s alright to play by ear.

Inspired by the rain, here I’ve compiled a list of the Top 4 hotels in Macau to visit and be amazed. Most of the hotels are linked with each other so you can actually walk from one to another indoors. To experience Macau outdoors for a day, visit this guide.


{All I had to do was look at the ceiling to believe I’m in Europe or the Vatican City}


{Macau . . . where dreams are made of lights}


{Watching how the dragon (and tree) grows from underneath the hotel is just amazing. Being part of the ‘phenomena’, as the ground roared and blossomed is like living in a scene of Game of Thrones!)


{Dream of little Venice, if you haven’t been to the real one (here and here)}


{Venetian Macau – from the outside}


{Never thought I’d swim with mermaids this lifetime with my very own eyes . . . or something so close to the real ‘thing’ at least}


{How to Grow A Diamond}


{This was our last stop of our ‘hotel shows’ itinerary. At this point, it was past 12 midnight. My cousin and I looked at each other; unsure if we should laugh or cry – Is this ‘it’? The ‘wishing crystals’? LOL!}


{So I ended up playing Peacock Princess to seal a glamorous night, graciously}

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