Adopting An Upright Habit.


Slouching. It is the most annoying bad habit that creeps along my back and follows me around faithfully for years. I’ve tried crazy ways to rid it but alas! It always comes back again – in a matter of seconds.

When we first came to this world, we arrived in a ‘neutral’ form. If you observe babies, you will notice that whether they sit for hours or bend down to pick up a ball, their backs always remain flat, and straight. It comes naturally for them; no 1000 reminders necessary. I was born that way.

roll down

{My daily ‘roll down’ to roll back up again into neutral posture}

The first step to solve something you are unhappy about, is to identify the problem. I acknowledged 2 main factors to my ugly slouch: psychological and (work) lifestyle.

It started in secondary school, after adolescence, when I began to grow taller and slimmer. I turned out to be the second tallest amongst all the other girls from every class. Though I wasn’t thaaat much taller, I felt more humble when I was at the same shoulder-level as the rest. Subconsciously, I lowered my head or bent my back to talk; and that went on for years – until today.

Office life didn’t help and in fact, made it worse. Blogging for hours on end everyday added weight to the situation my poor back.


Determined to fix me, I started searching for devices to aid my situation. I ordered one, which I discovered from Oprah in 2014 but it never arrived. In 2015 I researched for free posture apps like Posture Man Pat and Nekoze, but they were badly made. Nothing helped. I was either swallowed by office chairs or constantly slouching in my heels. It was actually a huge, constant battle for something as simple as ‘going back to neutral’!

back posture exercise

{A back posture exercise I practice 3 times a week, which does a good job realigning my back}

I wouldn’t be me if I gave up easily. I attended yoga classes (and they’re very costly), so I did stretches at home. I went for massages often (they’re even more costly), so I gave myself massages. But after all the effort and money I invested, my muscle memory forgets and I go back to slouching again. Until the day I discovered UPRIGHT:


UPRIGHT is a wearable technology that trains you to sit upright within a short term for lasting results as it builds your muscle memory and core strength. After just one session, I noticed how much my posture improved throughout the entire day (I’m dead serious)! There is even an app to track your training progress. If you constantly have back pain, you might want to start adopting a good posture using this.

Here’s a look inside my early X’mas gift (probably the best gift I’ve ever gotten for myself):


{UPRIGHT is the only smart posture trainer recommended by physicians and chiropractors with proven success to decrease back pain and increase productivity}


{Its neat and smart packaging comes with a posture trainer, USB charging + dock, 60 hypoallergenic adhesives and alcohol swabs}


{Using a piece of the double sided velcro / adhesive provided, stick the device to your upper OR lower back. For the primary, stick it between shoulder blades. For the latter, locate the center of your back above your hips}


{Using the app, follow through the video instructions and connect the device to your phone via bluetooth. Then, calibrate your new device so that it learns and understands your body better}


{To calibrate, sit straight and allow the app to collect its data, then click ‘I’M UPRIGHT’, followed by your slouching posture. You can always recalibrate}


{Ideally, train for 15 minutes a day consistently. I did 35 minutes on the first day and boy, my back felt really, really, GOOD GREAT}


{Each UPRIGHT device has long battery life that lasts up to 5+ hours}


{X’mas is coming up so if you’re running out of great gift ideas, this would make the perfect gift for your parents or anyone you know with a 9 to 6 job in the office, which is why I got 2!}


No doctors and all natural – this is one of the worthiest investments ever made for a lifetime improvement. Now you too, can purchase this amazing item directly from their website or via Amazon.

This is a sponsored post but not a paid ad. I personally handpicked UPRIGHT for a review and highly recommend it as a gift to yourself or a loved one who needs it because I honestly believe in this product. Thank you for supporting the new, creative brands that keep Cin City fresh and afloat. 


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