Five Cinspirations

I thought returning from a one month Euro trip would mean the expiration of experiencing life’s wondrous adventures, until these 5 Cinspirations took me the extra mile along with a bright smile across my face. (:

1. This fashion statement, a perfect match from Istanbul


{for being even more striking than yellow cabs when worn on the streets}

2. This handmade wax candle from Prague


{for leaving my room lingering with the most natural honey scent, promising a calm night of peaceful sleep}

3. This drawing of me by talented 8 year old QuiQui


{because she noticed the details of my caramel highlights and amazed me further with her creativity, as she poked a hole at the bottom left and put a fresh flower through it}

4. This leather coin holder from Budapest


{because I’ve never seen a more unique coin holder than this in my life}

5. This amazing new camera lens


{as I was complaining to É about how my broken lens failed my Euro trip when I was traveling solo, he surprised me with a welcome home gift and a letter that would make one fly higher than any andorinha in the world!}


Like a rooster, I rose earlier than the sun. Through bright and dark times of the day, I wore my RayBan faithfully. With a bare face I dashed to the airport to meet Patrick, my high school mate since Class 2001, dressed in an all-blue jersey material from top to toe looking strikingly sporty; like he was ever ready to make a helluva trip out of the long weekend we managed [...]


Here are 5 Cinspirations that left the past week looking dandy, and dainty. 1. This tree that clearly needs waxing {joke aside, these hanging lamps call for the most magical of nights} 2. This bicycle that’s clearly a ‘she’ {because I used to have the impression that bikes can only look masculine and geared, but this one makes me dreams of hoping onto one and start exploring new towns} 3. This spicy [...]


Albeit dressing super casual, this turns out to be my favorite photoshoot up to date! I was twirling around like a happy kid at the edge of Lake Toba dancing to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off playing in my head, while Patrick was just snapping away looking all calm and cool. Maybe the red lips make all the difference. Maybe it is a light heart. But one thing for sure, you [...]


Hi everyone. This, is my dad. Trust me, he is the most supportive and sensible guy I know! Now – just like how every one thinks they have the best dad, I too, feel the same. I guess there is no such thing as THE Best Dad In The World – because a real good dad can only be the best for his own family. That’s why every one does [...]


I fall for anything that brings out the flower child in me. 30% of my closet is occupied by gypsy pieces that live in more than they should. As much as I love them, I find it less appropriate to dress like I was going to a festival; especially on weekdays or more so at work. During a recent trip to Lake Toba, the chance finally arrived for me to [...]