neutral outfit ideas

After spending a day spreading sparkles at Haji Lane like a fairy, the next was another neutral outfit idea sharing the concept of traveling light for weekend getaways. Grazing my ankles with the same pair of gold sandals É gifted me, I slipped into the comfort of a soft summery top with bohemian embroideries the color of sawdust, paired with a Chanel-inspired skirt in 3D florals; completing the look with an oriental-themed clutch that had sparked many new conversations.

neutral outfit ideas
neutral outfit ideas
gold fan clutch
neutral outfit ideas
gold sandals
neutral outfit ideas

FOREVER NEW fan clutch
Origami earrings from Hokkaido
ALDO gold sandals (new version here)
Andorinha gold necklace from Portugal
TOPSHOP Fringe Trim Tank Top (similar here with sexc back)


Eyeshadow Solo

Shit happens. When traveling or staying over situations where I absentmindedly left my brushes at home, I find myself struggling with the lack of tools to apply my eyeshadow. Other times, I find a single, random eyeshadow color in a beauty event press kit. What am I supposed to do with lime green? Hence, I decided to come out with this makeup tutorial using only a cotton bud and a […]

My Barcelona Diary

One of my favorite singers, George Ezra, sang 2 songs; each named after ‪Budapest‬ and ‎Barcelona‬. I traveled to these two cities one after another and was captivated by what they inspire. I fell in love with ‪Cataluñya‬ and from my second visit, I doubt that I can ever get enough of ‪España‬. “The cure for nostalgia is return.” – The Ruins Of Us. I decided to spend the morning […]

Park Guell Flirtatious

A sunny, desert-y afternoon spent at Park Guell got me feelin’ like getting my skin in down-to-earth tones, imaginably olive and black. This top I snagged was the perfect piece to protect me from direct UV rays, yet its light cotton is breathable to not make me feel boiling inside. A basic flirty skirt became my best bet to swing by one flower at a time to say ‘hi’, while in the comfort […]

Five Cinspirations

5 throwback cinspirations that are worth documenting: 1. Conquering America {because I look forward to finally fill the top left part of my cork board map with pins when I return} 2. This delicate pair of chokers {because I’ve been searching for them in my desire for the longest time} 3. This bowl of homemade Yen Ta Fo (Thai pink noodles) {because I could go on eating bowls and bowls of […]

King’s Landing

Can I just scream, because I’ve just visited King’s Landing! Sitting on the steps of Girona Cathedral‘s grand stairs (where Jaime Lannister rode on his horse to save Queen Margaery from her walk of atonement), I couldn’t help beaming with delight thinking how lucky I am. This was also home for the real Braavos, where a-girl-has-no-name was ‘blind’ in the first episode of Season 6. To all my readers who don’t watch Game […]

Sunshine Jacquard Looms

Jumpsuits are known to be a pain in the ass when a girl has to visit the WC because not only do they require her to strip 3/4 naked, they also bring full potential of dangling on wet toilet floors if she ain’t skillful enough to grab them between her legs. Despite being a first-world-pain, this particular jacquard piece I got promises to be nightmare-free. Not only is the material […]