Traveloka Lucky Getaway


It is one of those weeks where the more you sleep the more you need, the more you do the less you live; so bad it reaches a point where you start wondering what’s life all about or in other words, questioning your very existence in this world.

It was a week where even 5 Cinspirations don’t work anymore, hence there was no post of that sort; if you haven’t notice its disappearance (despite the lack of forthcoming blog updates). If every happening resembles earth’s plate tectonic, my life would be an earthquake and I, an ant lost in between its seismic movements.

This is when one would start longing for a dream getaway to escape, to isolate; in order to come back full again. We are all allowed to day dream, and what’s better when you actually get to earn one by writing it out loud?


If you feel what I feel, WE deserve a holiday. Login to Traveloka via FB or email HERE, pick a destination from the site to dream about, then write and share about your selection at your social media channels for a chance to win a lucky getaway!

There will be 1 winner each week, which means your chance is high.

Out of the 5 finalists from this 5 week contest, a grand prize winner will bring home USD 500 Traveloka voucher to be used for either flights or hotels (!), while the remaining 4 will receive a mystery prize each.

Say goodbye to hustle bustle, and get your lucky on this Rafflecopter!


“I won’t be seeing you tomorrow. Will you be okay?” I’ve not met anyone who has any space left to worry about the rest of the world during her wedding week and that’s what makes Ai Rene kinda special. I assured her I’ll be with her family and that I’m just a phone call away, before she disappeared for the next few days to prep for her big day. 3rd [...]

The sun looked like it was only 2 kilometers from the ground. It was my first time traveling alone and surprisingly I didn’t feel lonely. I kept stopping to check and see if I did but no, not at all. Then I thought, how could I possibly be when I’m enriching my life with travels? The start of the highway from SAW airport welcomed me looking wide, bright and clean; [...]

Here are 5 artsy Cinspirations harvested during my 1 month travel, that add excitement to more fabulous weeks to come. 1. This dress from Tossa, Catalunya {because I’m visiting Pulau Redang for the first time this August, and I look forward to have a romantic stroll along the coast with É when sunset hits, in this batik-inspired bareback maxi} 2. This turban from Capadoccia, Turkey {another addition to my hipster collection, [...]


Nothing in my monstrous suitcase seems more appropriate to be worn on my first official day in Turkey other than this slightly geometrical-print, batik-inspired silk slip with sleeves that cuff right at the wrists to highlight peeks of hidden details; like the pearl bracelets and minimalist rings; which makes this outfit more special if not personal, especially when gazed up-close. Other 3 details I love: the layering of delicate necklaces, [...]


The past week flew by like a long flight, as I (still) secretly tried readjusting to Malaysia’s hectic lifestyle in comparison to the colorful month spent leisurely in Europe. Ever since É and I knew each other, we have been traveling a lot solo so it was nice to spend our first domestic weekend together in town. Saturday’s schedule was a line-up of events and I’ve never felt luckier to have [...]


A morning person I am not, but I witnessed the second sunrise in my life (the first being an unforgettable version at Bali) sitting quietly by the edge of Danau Toba. I don’t remember what made Patrick and I scrambled out of bed before breaking dawn as it wasn’t in our itinerary to wait for the sun to say hello. Nonetheless, it was a mesmerizing experience. {PJs, sleepy eyes, happy [...]