5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 dainty Cinspirations that would make just any day sweet.

1. This serene beach escape


{because every girl needs one once in a while}

2. This most adorable painting


{seriously – from Monday to Thursday, one face for each day}

3. These handmade silk earrings


{another friendship bracelet accessory set I got for my BFFs while traveling}

4. This colorful piece of antique


{for telling a story worth pondering}

5. This past Christmas present; which I finally start to burn willingly


{for elevating my room’s ambience ‘above atas‘}


One of my favorite questions to ask people is what they would do if they had 5 million dollars. Most of the time, the first answer I receive would be: “But 5 million is not enough wor. Very fast finish one leh!” Hearing that, I gladly upgrade the question to 10 million. “What would you do with 10 million dollars then? Remember: You can do aaanyyythinggg.” The answer that follows [...]


Soaking the golden rays in sunny Luang Prabang wearing these basic casual pieces that are just perfect for endless summer. Comfortable clothes = Carefree vacation. H&M sunnies ALDO sling bag CONVERSE sneakers MICHAEL KORS watch TOPSHOP tank top & shorts  


Last week had been an incredibly busy one with work, more work, and a gorgeous friend’s visit from Sri Lanka. Nonetheless, I realized that there’s one thing I’d never take for granted regardless the situation – recognizing the 5 things that make my week. Here is this week’s installation of 5 Cinspirations; where Tracy and I escaped life’s crazy waves to discover more charming corners from 2 big cities; Kuala [...]


All about bright blue skies, best friends by your side; guessing clouds and filling gaps with wholehearted laughters as they float by. There’s nothing more a girl can ask for . . . This, is my purest definition of happiness. What’s yours? Janda Baik photo diary 2015  


Key in ‘Taylor Swift’ on Pinterest and you’ll find a haven of pins showcasing the country singer flaunting high waisted skirts looking oh so perfect, preppy and pretty. Mum encouraged me to ride on her style inspiration, as she cheered on me to purchase this lovely vintage floral skirt. I’ve never own anything mustard in my closet, and with this piece looking so cute, I’d say it’s definitely a keeper. [...]


My last day in Japan was reserved intentionally to loiter around Tokyo city like a local would on a laid back Saturday tinted with beautiful weather. The master plan was to explore Ginza; lounging along serene streets lined neatly by idle trees, catching up with long lost friends over tea, winding down the evening as we stand in admiration of Tokyo Central Railway Station, and ending the day with a sweet [...]