Five Cinspirations

My (extraordinary) birthday celebration may have ended couple of days ago, but these 5 Cinspirations still lie around the house with a well-kept story yet to be written. They definitely made the week flowing with the theme of love.

1. This bohemian dress from mum


{because it is just the right amount of film-sy and comfy, perfect for any day wear}

2. This pair of luxe booties from dad


{because I really need a pair for my Christmas trip to Portugal next month and he just made my wish come true}

3. This bag; also from mum, brought home by dad from Japan


{because it is the first designer bag anyone has ever given to me}

4. This face mask from my ex-classmate, Gan


{because I’ve been wanting to buy one for the longest time!}

5. This pair of inspiring books from Yus


{because always ambitious and full of motivation, this girl’s passion echoes and I hear them loud}


There are brands you like, then they are brands you love. IKEA is one of the latter – so much I’d actually be proud to have a job there! So imagine my excitement when I learned that a newer, bigger, version is opening at Jalan Cochrane, Cheras. I was frenzied; even more so when I was chosen to partake in their influencer event.  {Breakfast at The Biggest Housewarming Party in Malaysia} {Follow [...]


Ever since the day I fell in love for the first time, I had a plan to get married at age 29. 29, because I want to live my 20s to its fullest. It is funny how I felt so confident that my plan will fall into place, I didn’t mind telling people that even when I was single. Their response: “How do you know? It is not something you can control [...]


No fashionistas’ trip to Japan is complete without spending a day frolicking in a Japanese school girl-inspired outfit – I had lots of fun with some confused locals who spoke Japanese to me thinking I am one of them. During my visit to Sapporo shrine, I wore a blazer (that looks like it was stolen from Coco Chanel’s cupboard), paired with a felt mini skirt appropriate for fall, braid on braid [...]


Last Friday, together with a girl friend, we celebrated TGIF like the epitome of Sex and The City style at Melinda Looi’s fashion suites. The evening blew us away with Mel’s gorgeous SS’16 and Chinese New Year collection, which left us bedazzled. There is much to love about everything at the event, but there is one detail that really caught my attention: Melinda gives the best door gifts ever. i.e. Diptyque and [...]


Last week was all about tying the ends of a beloved adventure with lots of reading and kisses in between, and pretty little objects that lingered with lasting memories. 1. This perfume set from Melinda Looi’s fashion show {because with these unique easy-to-carry scents, now I can smell all Diptyque-like even when globetrotting} 2. This deluxe tea flavored beautifully {because it is flown all the way from UK by Tracy, a [...]


When I was a little girl, my mum used to read me bedtime stories. Lucky me, that applied for afternoon naps too. I never understood the reason for such rituals until I realized just minutes ago that I rarely had nightmares after an episode of Enid Blyton. Instead, my little strong imagination conjured up fragments of stories ranging from picking fruits so ripe their juice trickled down my fingers, blowing dandelion [...]