Mandarin’s House


One of the must-visit places in Macau is the Mandarin’s House or I call it, the Chinese version of Capri’s Villa San Michele. Frankly, to visit a mansion with my surname ‘Zheng’ on it was kinda scary – especially when I came across a picture of all the once breathing Zhengs from 1869, and my cousin laughed out loud saying “Eh Cindy, look! They’re your ancestors!” – I didn’t know how to feel about my existence there and then. I believe there’s always some truth behind a joke, and this might be just it . . .


{The Tey Zheng family O_O}




{Let’s sit down and stare at the walls}


{Read: funny white notice}


{A supposed avant garde bedroom}


{Solo at the salon}


{Stories or storeys?}


{Garden & stone cold benches}


{Wandering with wonder in this mystical house of my ‘ancestors’ . . . You like?}



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Macau was indeed something very extraordinary to me. If I were to exaggerate, we visited more hotels in 1 day than we’ve ever did in our entire lives! – something I never expected from Macau. From one ‘show’ to another, towards the end Sheau Torng was bombarded by a rather grumpy me, “Another hotel? How many shows have you got there in that list!” {Grand Lisboa – a hotel with [...]



To travel Macau in a nutshell, one would require 2 days. It might sound too little, but have my word that two is just nice. To experience a vacation though, of course one could benefit from more. My cousin and I went with the first option and we must say that it was a wise one. Reason being it was raining 70% of the time we were there! – except [...]



If something makes you happy, do more of it. Personally, having the company of my best friends doing the things we love together is definitely at the top of my happy list. At first glance, this post might look like an ad but no, I’m not here to market anything. I’d like to share with you a slice of my sweet Sunday from last weekend when one of my favorite brands, [...]



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